Dolphin Girls

Globally, there are too few women in STEM professions. Qualcomm, one of First Robotic’s national sponsors and a team sponsor for the Robot Dolphins, seeks to increase gender equity and improve economies by preparing more women and girls for high-paying careers in technology. Qualcomm’s Government Affairs team collaborates with the Institute of International Education and other public/private sector organizations to create and advance the First Robotics program. 

Robot Dolphins from Outer Space has increased outreach on campus to include greater participation from young girls who may not think Robotics is cool, however when they meet the boys and girls already on the team, and avail themselves to the 200 scholarship providers offering over $25 million in college scholarship opportunities available exclusively for Robotic team members, they find out how cool it is to become the future technology leaders on campus.  It all starts with their involvement in Robotics.

The Robot Dolphins have an outstanding group of future scientists and engineers who happen to be girls…They are Paige Heimbach, Tasha Lee, Lauren Ivory, Carolina Mendoza, Ileana Avila, Caitlin Pasqualino, and Hayley Sperber.