2016 FIRST Stronghold

FIRST Stronghold



This year’s competition is a medieval-themed challenge.  Teams work to overcome a series of interchangeable defenses, and when a defense has been crossed twice, it is considered breached.  After crossing the defenses, teams reach the opposing team’s courtyard.  Once in the opposing team’s courtyard, a robot will shoot a boulder into either a low or a high goal to weaken the tower.  Once the tower has lost its strength, teams are able to scale the tower by raising the robot two feet off the ground.  If an alliance successfully breaches four defenses, and weakens the tower, they can capture the tower.  Due to the multiple obstacles that teams will have to overcome in a short period of time, this competition will prove to be challenging.

Our Robot: Poseidon


2016 San Diego Regional

Robot Dolphins placed 8th out of 63 State and National Teams and advanced to the Quarterfinals in one of the most competitive regional on the West Coast.  And equally important,  the team won the Creativity in Design Award sponsored by Xerox Corporation for the use in Components in Strategy and Play.  This is the most prestigious design award the Robot Design Group has ever won during their three year existence.  These recent awards are the results of dedication of members and the guidance of the mentors who helped build the team and provide the guidance to instill the excitement in STEM learning on the Dana Hills Campus.


2016 Las Vegas Regional

In the Las Vegas Regional, the Robot Dolphins competed against teams from all over the world, including teams from the U.S., China, Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands.  After struggling through qualification matches and moving up to 15th place, Robot Dolphins were selected for the 7th Team Alliance with Teams 60 and 295. The Robot Dolphins alliance beat the 2nd and 4th team alliances, allowing them to advance to the finals against the No. 1 seed, the High Rollers. Although the Robot Dolphins lost to the High Rollers, all three teams from its alliance were able to qualify as Wildcards for the World Championships!  Way to go Team 295, Team 60, and the Robot Dolphins!

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2016 World Championships in St. Louis


The FRC World Championships is an accomplishment only the top 8% of all robotics teams worldwide can experience.  Being invited to this spectacular event was an unbelievable accomplishment for an FRC Robotics team just 2 years from their Rookie Season.  The team performed well, increasing their OPR rating to the highest this year–however it was not good enough to advance to the Einstein Playoffs.  There were lessons learned from the design and performance of the robot but the heights this Bot brought are unforgettable.  Being amongst so many competitive super-teams was the takeaway that they will never forget, and hopefully will drive them for next year.  The 2016 Season of First Stronghold was the breakout year for this team, and everyone, from mentors, sponsors and parents, just sat back in awe watching the spirit of these students and their dedication to each other lead them to new heights–and most importantly, they improved the community they serve.


2016 Chairman’s Award Video

The marketing team, led by Avery Walker, Ryan Borovinsky, and Zach Finkelstein, created this Chairman’s Award Video to tell the story of where the team began, the graduation of many of its founders, and the new heights the team has ascended to. The video tells the story how promoting STEM in High School and serving communities we share is more impactful than just building a Robot.  Great job marketing team!

2016 Chairmans Award Video